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The Madra Mór Weekend Watchlist Issue #10 - Full Irish

Every week we will be listing a great film, TV show and short film that we love and we think you will too. Time to put the feet up, crack open a beverage and enjoy.


Issue #10

We're bringing some Irish delights to you this week. Mr Gleeson showing up twice and numerous guns (both actual guns and nail guns). Enjoy!


THE MOVIE: In Bruges

Martin McDonagh learned his craft through the theatre and that fact shines through in In Bruges. Only a stage writer could master dialogue in the fashion that McDonagh does. Enda Walsh is another playwright turned screenwriter that I can think of. The pace and brilliance between all the characters in this film is something to behold and the lead performances from Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes are sensational. It is the kind of film that a person can watch over and over and it never gets old, it just gets better.


THE TV SHOW: The Young Offenders

The Young Offenders is a carry on from the incredibly successful movie of the same name. Created by Peter Foott, we continue on with Jock and Conor as they get up to their usual mad capped schemes in order to try and elevate themselves to a new level. The English Market in Cork makes a number of appearances once more. Very funny. Well acted. Brilliantly written.



Martin McDonagh teamed up with Brendan Gleeson (pre In Bruges) to bring us this dark comedy about a loose cannon who confronts strangers on a train. This short filmed landed Martin McDonagh an Oscar.


Have a great weekend.

Brian Benjamin Dwyer

Creative Director @ Madra Mór Productions

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