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The Madra Mór Weekend Watchlist Issue #11 - Summer Fun.

Every week we will be listing a great film, TV show and short film that we love and we think you will too. Time to put the feet up, crack open a beverage and enjoy.


Issue #11

With the June bank holiday arriving (in Ireland anyway), we thought we'd bring some fun this week. Three very funny shows this week. All a bit mad. The TV show needs no introduction and our movie this week actually began as a TV show and it well worth a gander!


If you love Zach Galifianakis you'll love this film. He brings is A-game and does not let up. Absurd, awkward, brilliant. The guests have no problem matching him which makes it all the more brilliant.


THE TV SHOW: The US Office

One of the best shows ever made? I think so. Better than the UK version? A debate I am unwilling to go in to. Either way, if you haven't seen this show yet, where have you been? Steve Carell, John Krazinki, Jenna Fischer... Don't let another moment pass.



Brilliantly mad short film about a senile sportscaster by the name of Barth Pencil attempts to find an old love by reading his memoir to a bunch of little kids.


Have a great weekend.

Brian Benjamin Dwyer

Creative Director @ Madra Mór Productions

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