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The Madra Mór Weekend Watchlist Issue #1 - we're all about the comedy!

Updated: May 12, 2021

Every week we will be listing a great film, TV show and short film that we love and we think you will too. Time to put the feet up, crack open a beverage and enjoy.


For issue #1, we are keeping it upbeat and will be covering some of our favourite comedies. Comedy is always such a subjective genre but we think that the list below are all cracking shows.


THE MOVIE: Withnail and I

The madness that is an actor's life in 1970's Camden Town, London. The drugs, the booze, the grime. Brilliant comedy from Bruce Robinson starring Richard E. Grant & Paul McGann. In my opinion, the best British comedy ever.

"A coward you are Withnail, an expert on bulls you are not!"


THE TV SHOW: Broad City

Starting out as a youtube sketch show, Broad City went on to become one of the best comedies of the past twenty years. The two creators and leads of the show (Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson) are phenomenal. Excellent writing, excellent performances and it's all set in the greatest city in the world. Crack open a beer and get to giggling.



Always my go to short film to begin with. One minute long, hilarious!


Have a great weekend.

Brian Benjamin Dwyer

Creative Director @ Madra Mór Productions

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